SDA Trainer

Jolene Pinder
GB GBT Trainer
Jolene Pinder is a dental hygienist based in the west coast of Scotland. She qualified as a dental hygienist in 2001 whilst serving in the Royal Navy. After leaving the military she has worked in various practices throughout the UK. Jolene is the lead hygienist at Flossbar in Troon. Flossbar is a direct access dental hygiene practice. With a special interest in behavioural change she has used this to inspire and educate fellow dental professionals. She has been a Swiss Dental Academy trainer since 2014 and teaches in the UK on Guided Biofilm Therapy. She has had articles published in the Dental Press on tooth whitening, making hygiene treatment profitable and GBT. Jolene is both an elected council member for the BSDHT as the representative for Scotland and also as a member of the executive committee. She is also an ITI ambassador.