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EP#7 - Education for Healthcare Professionals - Dr. Neha Dixit & Marie Christine Collet

How can healthcare professionals continuously educate themselves on the latest scientific evidence and medical innovations?

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EP#4 - Dental Professional vs. Sports Chiropractic - Daniel Morgan
For today's episode, Daniel Morgan draws fascinating parallels between sports chiropractic and dental health, emphasizing the universal principle of prevention. Learn about the strategies employed in sports activities to prevent injuries, mirroring the preventative measures in dental care aimed at avoiding oral health issues before they arise.
EP#3 - Microbiome Testing for Next-Generation Health Care - Dr. Victoria Sampson
Dr Victoria Sampson is a British dentist, known worldwide for her research in salivary diagnostics and microbiome testing. In this episode, she shares her latest challenge: starting up a family-run multidisciplinary health center, with oral health at its core.
EP#2 - Overcome work-related pain in dentistry - Philippe Gilmer
In this episode, we will meet Philippe Gilmer, physiotherapist and osteopath with over 20 years of experience and DolorClast® product manager. He will explain the root causes of common work-related pains dental professionals experience and how we can prevent them.