Who we are

The SWISS DENTAL ACADEMY provides training programs designed specifically for dental professionals like you. Established in Germany in 2006, today SDA has a presence in over 40 countries across Europe, USA and Latin America, Canada, Asia/Pacific and Japan. Every year, over 5000 courses worldwide provide professional training in state-of-the-art technologies that improve the quality of your treatments. This serves to enhance the trust and confidence of your patients, who not only benefit from your experience, they refer you and your practice to others.

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Our mission

The SWISS DENTAL ACADEMY was first founded in 2006 and since then has educated and trained more than 100,000 clinicians.  The SDA now maintains a training network in across 5 continents, making it the most important institution in prevention and Prophylaxis education of its kind.

Given its unparalleled continuing education and training concept, the SWISS DENTAL ACADEMY is one of the key pacesetters in dental prophylaxis training. Based on the latest scientific knowledge, the theory and Hands on courses are taught in terms of practice-oriented requirements. Under the guidance of experienced trainers, you learn how to provide your patients with the most gentle and  comfortable professional dental cleaning using the latest modern state of the Art technologies.


The community of SDA trainers is formed with highly qualified clinicians from all over the world. Each SDA Trainer takes part in the advanced GBT course “Train the trainer” organized several times per year in EMS Headquarters in Switzerland.
Only then they can become certified SDA trainers.

The certification is renewed every two years with compulsory retraining done by HQ. Monthly online e-learning system designed especially for trainers ensures that all of them always stay up to date on the latest clinical news and technological innovations. A SDA trainer should be motivated and committed to providing the highest quality of professional tooth cleaning.

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